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An exclusive partnership between Move Intermodal and Scania


Move Intermodal’ search for a new truck supplier started by evaluating numerous criteria. This was done to determine which company would be the best fit for Move. This resulted in an exclusive cooperation with Scania for the next three years. Good for an investment of 150 trucks in the various European branches. CEO Luc Driessen explains.

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Let’s Celebrate Synchromodality

In 2021, Move Intermodal celebrates it’s 10th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone we designed a special edition livery for our brand new swap bodies. The design is applied on 10 of the 100 brand new coil swap bodies, recently delivered by our partner Kässbohrer. Soon you can spot this beautiful design on the road, rail or water.

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What do sugar and rice have in common?

Bulk transport by Move Intermodal

What does sugar in your morning coffee have in common with rice that is on your plate in the evening, except that it is both food? Let us explain this to you. Both sugar and rice are products that Move Intermodal transports in bulk.

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Dry bulk transports in a circular economy

Dry Bulk transport in a circular economy

Sustainability is a top priority for Move Intermodal, it is in our DNA. Therefore Move has themed 2020: Sport – Health – Zero Waste. Several initiatives based on this theme aim for a sustainable work environment and a healthy workforce, more important than ever in these times. But we also take this a step further into our daily dry bulk operations. On an annual basis we transport over 25.000 dry bulk shipments throughout Europe. Carrying almost 700 million kilo of bulk products, like all sorts of plastics (PVC, PE, PP, ..),  sugar, rice, corn, semolina, split stones, etc.

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Our Synchromodal Network: Connecting Italy and the UK

New connection Italy-UK

We are excited to announce the expansion of our synchromodal network. Thanks to the strategic collaboration with several logistic partners we were able to launch a new train shuttle. The shuttle from our Rail Terminal Chemelot (RTC) to Moerdijk, opens a world of possibilities. Enabling us to offer high-quality door-to-door transport solutions from Italy directly to the UK, by combining road, rail and sea.

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