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Move Intermodal will always try to find an intermodal solution for your logistical need. These solutions implicitly have several benefits over traditional road services.

Load up to 30 tonnes per shipment

Intermodal transport allows you to transport more and heavier goods per shipment. Giving you the advantage of a lower transport price per ton and less vehicle movements on your site thus increasing safety.

Green environmentContribute to a green environment

By shipping more goods at once we can decrease the amount of shipments resulting in lower CO2 emissions. Intermodal transport also uses other modes of transport for the largest part of the line haul, which have a smaller carbon footprint than full road services. Move Intermodal lets you prove your contribution to the environment with the Move Intermodal Green Certificate.

Reduce congestion on the road

Your choice for intermodal transport will decrease the amount of trucks on the road. It contributes to your social responsibility goals.

Excellent service

Thanks to the liberalization of the European railway network the quality of intermodal concepts has greatly improved over the last years. With almost 30 years of experience, we are one of the pioneers in intermodal transport. We offer more than 96% on time performance.

Flexibility and guaranteed capacity

By using 46 shuttle trains per week, operating from several terminals, in combination with our fleet of over 2.000 different loading units we can design supply chain solutions which always work for you!

End-to-end control

From transport booking to delivery, Move Intermodal is 100% in control which results in a high quality product. This is also reflected by great transparency: Your single point of contact ensures a pro-active follow up of all your transports.

Single Point Of ContactOne-stop-shopping

We offer different types of transport (for bulk and packed cargo) throughout Europe with our wide variety of equipment. Combined with local warehouses it makes our network extra flexible and enables us to develop en deliver the best supply chain solutions.

Safe transport

  • All our equipment is code 12642 XL and TÜV certified
  • Our terminals have a strict security and authorisation policy
  • Quality is guaranteed through ISO, SQAS and GMP certification
  • We comply with the latest standards in load securing and drivers are trained on Behaviour Based Safety, defensive driving, etc.
  • We contribute to your responsible care program.

Request a quote

Are you interested in the services of Move Intermodal? We would be glad to provide you an intermodal solution for your transport flows throughout Europe. You can direct your rate request directly to our sales team by filling out the form! We will provide you a competitive offer as soon as possible.