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What do sugar and rice have in common?

Bulk transport by Move Intermodal

What does sugar in your morning coffee have in common with rice that is on your plate in the evening, except that it is both food? Let us explain this to you. Both sugar and rice are products that Move Intermodal transports in bulk.

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Move staff goes synchromodal by bike

Pilot project lease bicycle

Sport – Health – Zero Waste. The three key words of our 2020 theme. As from July we also offer our synchromodal services to our employees. Move Intermodal facilitates its employees with a brand new bicycle program. It’s healthy, it’s sporty and eco friendly, a 100% fit with our company goals.

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Dry bulk transports in a circular economy

Dry Bulk transport in a circular economy

Sustainability is a top priority for Move Intermodal, it is in our DNA. Therefore Move has themed 2020: Sport – Health – Zero Waste. Several initiatives based on this theme aim for a sustainable work environment and a healthy workforce, more important than ever in these times. But we also take this a step further into our daily dry bulk operations. On an annual basis we transport over 25.000 dry bulk shipments throughout Europe. Carrying almost 700 million kilo of bulk products, like all sorts of plastics (PVC, PE, PP, ..),  sugar, rice, corn, semolina, split stones, etc.

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We care for our customers: Track & Trace

Track & Trace platform

Digitization and IT solutions are constantly evolving to new levels. At Move Intermodal we follow these developments closely. We constantly evaluate the added value of new developments and how they could contribute to improve customer experience. Our Transport Management System (TMS) contains lots of valuable data for our customers, which we are now able to disclose via our automated Track & Trace platform.

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