Setting a new standard – Move Intermodal is rewarded with the GMP+ FSA certificate.
Safety. Quality. Reliability. Sustainability. At Move Intermodal, we are passionate about maintaining high transport standards. We are now expanding our knowledge to ensure the safe transport of animal feed.

Why GMP+ matters

GMP+ -which integrates Good Manufacturing Practices with HACCP- guarantees the quality and safety of animal feed and contains standards for all links of the feed chain. Not only will your feed be transported safely, but also all activities that enable the transport, such as planning, purchase, cleaning and administration are assured.
Both Move employees and our drivers are trained on how to manage feed transports in a correct and safe way.


At Move we always dedicate our efforts to our customers and their requirements. The GMP+ certificate guarantees:

The certificate is of great importance because it is setting a standard for feed transport. Move Intermodal will dedicate all efforts to stay worthy of this certification and continuously guarantee the quality of animal feed.

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