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COVID-19 update: information & safety measures

COVID-19 update - information & safety measures

Corona caught everyone by surprise and also impacted the world of logistics in many ways. Governments across Europe have taken measures and recommended different sectors to do the same. We, as Move Intermodal, implemented safety measures in relation to COVID-19. Prioritizing the well-being of our Move Family and the operational continuity to maintain a high-level customer service. A Corona Coordination Team has been created and have set out the following guidelines throughout our organisation.

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Kässbohrer and Move Intermodal pave the way for more efficient coil transportation

Move Intermodal new coil swap body

Kässbohrer and Move Intermodal concentrated on creating more efficient coil transportation which resulted in the only light coil swap body with 45ft length: K. SWAU CC. Designed and engineered by Kässbohrer to meet Move Intermodal’s operational needs and sustainability goals of the industry, K. SWAU CC paves the way for more efficient coil transportation.

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Our own warehouse in Novara

The warehouse is integrated into our network, located strategically at the CIM terminal directly besides the Novara-East highway exit (A4 between Milano and Torino) and directly managed and controlled by our own on-site office.

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