Synchromodal partner for Ravago

Your synchromodal transport partner

Our partnership with Ravago is a great example of how we can offer you a a wide range of transport solutions by completely unburdening our customer in choice of modality. Ravago, a well known name in the polymer world, is one of our long term customers. We are handling the bulk and packed transports across Europe in the best way possible per shipment.

How does this work?

Ravago sends us a transport request and based on the type of each order, Move decides which modality suits best per order.
Each order can vary in terms of size, service, priority,…
We arranged a central point of contact that receives all orders from Ravago and determines what the best transport option will be.
Move has the control to offer optimally integrated solutions for both parties.
We deliver the most efficient, fastest or most suitable solution depending on the type of load.
If, for example, urgency prevails, we will send the order by truck. Depending on order size (weight) Move can decide to send the load via rail or other combinations.

Preferred synchromodal partner

By having full control over the choice of best suitable transport solution we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of Ravago. Paul Mollen, Carrier Relationship manager at Ravago, works according to the motto “Don’t try to be the best, but work with the best” and is very pleased with this set up of Move Intermodal. He experienced a burden that fell from his shoulders and a reduction in the transport costs because Move Intermodal is succeeding in making the most efficient choice of transport mode.

We function as the preferred synchromodal partner for Ravago. With our great network of different transport modalities, we offer transport services whereby real-time changes can be made in a flexible and sustainable manner.

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Don’t try to be the best, but work with the best!
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Paul Mollen Carrier Relationship Manager at Ravago

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