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Move Intermodal has designed and introduced lots of innovative custom made supply chain solutions for customers across a wide range of sectors. You can find some examples below of what we have achieved for a few our customers.

If you would like to learn more on how Move Intermodal can put your business on track, take a look at our sector information or contact us and we will be pleased to advice you.

Synchromodal partner for Ravago

Your synchromodal transport partner

Our partnership with Ravago is a great example of how we can offer you a a wide range of transport solutions by completely unburdening our customer in choice of modality. Ravago, a well known name in the polymer world, is one of our long term customers. We are handling the bulk and packed transports across Europe in the best way possible per shipment. How does this work? Ravago sends us a transport request and based on the type of each… Read more

Rice from Italy to Olen

The synchromodal way Synchromodality is the transport of goods – without changing the loading unit – whereby real-time changes can be made in the flexible and sustainable use of different transport modalities in a network. The logistics service provider has the control to be able to offer optimally integrated solutions for all parties. The concept of synchromodality is starting to gain more publicity in the logistics world. Usually in this context it is a transport solution from a seaport to… Read more