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A pioneer in intermodal transport

The first activities of Move Intermodal date back to 1986. Under the flag of Ewals Cargo Care we pioneered  intermodal transport from the Dutch industrial area of Hazeldonk.

First intermodal activitiesIn 1991 Move Intermodal’s current CEO, Luc Driessen, opened an office in Genk (BE). From where more intermodal concepts were introduced.

Thanks to the liberalisation of the European railways, it became possible to set up own company trains. In 1999 Move Intermodal was the first Belgian transport firm to start an own rail shuttle from Genk (BE) to Novara (IT).

Strong growth figures resulted in even more logistic supply chain innovations like the introduction of the bag-in-a-box bulk container, advanced storage facilities and the first synchromodal solution. Increasing demand for transport throughout Europe also lead to the introduction of new rail corridors between Antwerp, Duisburg and Northern Italy.

Introduction of Ewals Intermodal in 2011In June 2011 the current independent entity was founded as Ewals Intermodal. 3 years later, in June 2014, the final step was taken towards complete independence: The company name changed to Move Intermodal.

In the mean time the intermodal network was extended even further to the most important economic areas of Europe (Spain, UK, Scandinavia, Turkey, etc.). Furthermore Move Intermodal invested in it’s own trucking fleet, expansion of the load unit fleet and the Rail Terminal Chemelot in Geleen (NL).

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