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Move Intermodal operates a top quality fleet of about 2.500 loading units. The diversity of the fleet enables us to engineer the best solution for your business, taking into account safety, reliability, flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Swap body 30ft

Internal length 9,12m
Internal width 2,44m
Internal height 2,44m
Tare weight 3.500kg
Max payload 28.000kg
Coil in longtitudinal direction and/or 22 Euro pallets, 54m3

Our 30ft swap bodies are equipped with sliding curtains, a sliding roof, solid rear doors and a coil well. They allow for easy (un)loading via the open side and roof or the rear doors. To maximize loading capacity and take full advantage of intermodal weight restrictions this swap body is suitable for combined loads of heavy coils and palletized cargo.

30ft Swapbody

Swap body 45ft

Internal length 13,62m
Internal width 2,48m
Internal height 2,53m
Tare weight 5.000kg
Max payload 28.000kg
33 Euro pallets, 85m3

This curtainside swap body is equipped with sliding curtains, a sliding roof and solid rear doors to allow easy access via the open side, top and rear. The side posts can be moved sideways for (un)loading operations. The 45ft swap body is suitable for shipments with multiple collections and deliveries

45ft Swapbody

Coil flat 20ft & 25ft

Internal width 2,17m
Internal height 2,00m
Tare weight 2.900kg
Max payload 30.000kg
2-3 coils in cross direction, maximum diameter 2,10m

These light weight swap bodies are optimized for the transportation of heavy steel coils. The coil flat is accessible from the top and the side. The 20ft version is equipped with 2 coil wells and the 25ft version can carry up to 3 coils per shipment.

20ft & 25ft Swapbody

Bulk container 30ft

Internal length 8.96m
Internal width 2,47m
Internal height 2,52m
Tare weight 3.000kg
Max payload 30.000kg
Up to 58m3 of bulk cargo in a linerbag or 22 Euro pallets

Our 30ft Bag-in-a-Box bulk containers are designed to carry bulk loads in a (foodgrade) linerbag. This concepts minimizes the risk of contamination. Bulk cargo is loaded via the 4 manholes on top of the container. Discharging from the letterbox by gravity or supported by a rotary valve. The rear doors also allow the container to be used for palletized cargo.

30ft Bag-in-a-Box Bulk Container

Container 45ft

Internal length 13,55m
Internal width 2,49m
Internal height 2,69m
Tare weight 4.900kg
Max payload 28.000kg
33 Euro pallets, 90m3

The 45ft palletwide high-cube container is a very cost-efficient and secure solution for the transportation of palletized cargo. The container can be sealed with a high-security-bolt seal (ISO 17712 certified) and is equipped with safety bars for extra fixation of the load.

45ft High Cube pallet wide container

Mega Huckepack trailer 45ft

Internal length 13,62m
Internal width 2,48m
Internal height 3,00m
Tare weight 7.900kg
Max payload 29.000kg
33 Euro pallets, 100m3

The larger internal height of the Mega trailer allows for the maximization if shipment size, up to 100 m3. All trailers are easily accessible via the sliding curtains on the side and the solid rear doors on the back. The roof can be lifted, adding 11 cm to the loading aperture, to fully use the 3 meter internal height.

45ft Mega Huckepack Trailer

Coil trailer 45ft

Internal length 13,62m
Internal width 2,44m
Internal height 2,62m
Tare weight 7.500kg
Max payload 28.000kg
Coils in longtitudinal direction and/or 33 Euro pallets, 87m3

The coil trailer is equipped with sliding curtains, a sliding roof and solid rear doors making the trailer accessible from the side, top and back. The 8,1 meter flexible coil well can be opened or closed in parts. Which allows for loading of palletized cargo, heavy coils up to 2,2 meter in diameter or a combination of the two.

45ft Coil trailer

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